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Reviewed Message.xml, looked at new AnnotationQuery and AnnotationQueryT elements. Good simple case for testing at this point. Later add wrapper for Tapir queries.

Considered schema document to JavaBean interacting with concrete xml document and java code base approach proposed by Zhimin.

Looked at Specify Workbench UI interaction for generating a FP AnnotationQuery.

Required fields for duplicate detection: At least one of:

Collector Name: Agent.LastName Collector number: CollectionObject.FieldNumber

Additional likely necessary fields:

Collection date: CollectingEvent.StartDate All bits of all collectors names: Agent.FirstName

Later probably consider identification etc...

UI - add check boxes and search FP button to single record form view, tag particular fields in workbench schema as FP queriable. Deals with duplicates query.

Result set comes back from FP network and is put into new (perhaps singleton) workbench dataset. If single result, put into form, if multiple, show in spreadsheet view to user.

Messaging: Workbench UI -> new Workbench Querier module -> API -> java Bean interface to FP -> xml document to FP injection point.

FP returns result to bean interface to api to WQM to ui.

FP generates subscription to query (handling both cases of incomplete result set and newly added relevant data). Need definition of messages, usecases etc, for "Interest in" things.

Whiteboard meeting 2008Dec3.JPG