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Reviewed Hadoop based prototype - command line injection of an insert query from one node into a network of two nodes. Each node able to set rules about accepting or rejecting queries. Network generates log of accepted queries (easily both or just rejected). Network implements push and rule based filtering. Noted that knowledge of rejected pushes (where only the network could have knowledge of the rejected push) probably more important than knowledge of accepted pushes (where the data has been stored in a local authoritative data store).

Discussion of network messages, beginning with discussion of potential topic for messages - a set to which messages could refer.

Substantial discussion of whether sets should be of immutable type with changing membership rules, or whether sets should be of mutable types with fixed rules - example, how to handle a set of duplicates later found to be in error.

Whiteboard image of sets

Kinds of messages: annotations, accept/reject messages, and actions that invoke operations on sets.

Kinds of sets of rules (or places where they would be used) global, rules invoked when a new node joins the network, and local rules on how to respond to an annotation.

Whiteboard image of message types