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Zhimin has a web service running using JAXWS. There is not much documentation for JAXWS, so it wasn't easy. He is using Java 6. He has SOAP and REST versions working. He's got a development environment working completely in Eclipse. He will be working on making the rest of the project use the Spring framework (right now only triage is).

We need to work on a schema for annotation so that he can progress further. We also need a message for subscription and for fuzzy matching.

To do:

  • schema for annotation
  • message for subscription
  • message for fuzzy matching
  • need metadata for subscriptions if we want the network to be able to deduce them


Who initiates subscriptions? Human user or network components? We should have an abstraction that doesn't distinguish.

Fuzzy matching:

Implemented as a flag on a query message: do fuzzy or not (per field). Fuzziness applied to all fields as a group rather than fuzziness applying to one field at a time. We could provide a way for the user to indicate which fields should be combined. "These are the fields I'm querying on, these are the fields I want to fuzzy match." The network then decides which algorithm to apply based on the types of fields. It would be nice to be able to add fuzzy-matching as a plugin.

Schema for annotation:

Annotation messages very much tied to the domain. (In SOAP there is a description for what a message is... might be worth looking at-- wsimport-- using JAXB to map object to xml and then bending the xml to SOAP)

We need an object representation of our annotation message