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Meeting at TDWG

Informal meeting with people interested in annotation services during morning of working groups meetings at TDWG.

Participants: Donald Hobern (CSIRO, ALA), Dave Martin (CSIRO, ALA), Ronald Chernich (University of Queensland, ALA), Patrick Leary (EOL), James Macklin (FP), Maureen Kelly (FP), Zihmin Wang (FP), Bob Morris (FP), Paul Morris (FP), Greg Riccardi (Morphbank), Mark Mayfield (KSU)

Donald gave an overview of the annotation problem faced by ALA and the main sorts of annotations that ALA is considering. James gave an overview of the FP project, and Paul discussed some of the FP messages. Patrick discussed annotations in the context of EOL (see also: Use_Case_Scenarios#EOL_annotation_Scenario (centralized place for annotation generation, push of structured annotations back to data sources). Greg discussed annotations in the context of Morphbank (collection of annotations by Morphbank, interest in push).

Three of four main classes of annotations described by Donald are similar to the FP messages for new determinations FP_Messages#FP_NEW_DETERMINATION, correction FP_Messages#FP_CORRECTION_ASSERTION, and new information FP_Messages#FP_NEW_DATA_ASSERTION. An additional message suggested by ALA is: Link two pieces of data. Thus added message, FP_Messages#FP_ASSOCIATION_ASSERTION

The W3C Annotation standard Annotea was suggested by the ALA team. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annotea (annotation RDF Schema: http://www.w3.org/2000/10/annotation-ns Annotation protocols: http://www.annotea.org/Annotea/User/AnnoteaProtocol-20051226.html ) "Annotea associates text strings to a web document or selected parts of a web document without actually needing to modify the original document."(1) See also Ron's presentation and abstract on annotations in ALA.

Identifying collections of things was seen as a relevant sort of annotation, with add to collection, remove from collection, and publish as immutable all seen as potential actions to take on collections.

Conclusions: Actual problems are somewhat different (ALA seeking to collect a set of annotations of parts of web pages, and FP pushing annotations to data sources), but there is good grounds for coordination and discussion, particularly on messages. Plan is to link ALA and FP wikis.


1. Wikipedia Entry on Annotea, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annotea seen 2008Nov6