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Review of Task_List_for_the_Prototype

  • Installation of demo. Tackle later. Not intolerable at the moment. Valuable to add further information on debugging installation/initialization/configuration problems.
  • Fuzzy matching. Implementation on combination of collector name and number, with parameter for similarity to match. Need to make sure that finding duplicates isn't hard wired as a specific method, but generalized as model for fuzzy matching arbitrary concepts. Finding duplicates is too specific a message for the API, needs to be generalized.
  • Tag or branch in subversion for Maureen to work on while Zhimin works on overhauling the architecture.
  • Push annotations use case - needs APIs for pub/sub. Time to start working on this. Provisionally use Apache ActiveMQ
  • Specify client GUI - Maureen working on cleaning up, will work on a document workplan on trak.
  • Paul to finish importing BBG data and work on demonstration annotation xml injection in PHP image annotation code.