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Implications of Triage for messaging

  • Addressing added to message after injection - additional layer for routing within the network (below) - additional layer (above) for interested parties.
  • interested party layer -> destinations inferred from content of message
  • application layer - knowledge of semantic content of message <- messages injected at this layer
  • network routing layer - triage layer

New determination message Injected to API = access point component Triage component at application level analyzes message Routing information added to message for handling by transport layer. Inference of interested parties Application layer passes up to notification layer

Maureen : we need three different words for message:

  • JMS Message (pub/sub message), Map-Reduce job
  • FP_Message
  •  ?Triage layer?
    • might be in either a global or local node. possibly deduced by content of message or header, and perhaps state of global cache.

Layers 2009Apr3.png

Bob: Left and right "App" aren't doing the same thing, left "App" is only receiving message and passing to triage, right "App" is doing lots of things with it.

Layers 2009Apr3 b.png

Bob: Doesn't look like a good fit to network layering model with layer talking to layer on one host, with peers at one level being ignorant of lower layers.

Zhimin: "App" is speaking same FP_Message language.

Bob: here's the challenge

  • Do any of the components cross layer boundaries in component model
  • Can we partition these component diagram to correspond to these layers, if not, one of them is wrong.
See recent revision of components:
component diagram


Various implementations available, e.g. Sun's, Apache ActiveNQ, etc... Several issues relevant to choice of implemntation

  • Different implemntations with different configuration files.
  • Different implemntations with different deployment mechanisms

Action Item: Zhimin to investigate JMS implementations, deploy one, set up simple email notification test.