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David has classes in the morning. We're moving meetings to Thursday afternoons after lunch.

James and Paul gave a talk about FP QC and the audience wanted to know when they could have it implemented on their systems as well as Specify. (what specifically did they like about it? the user interface? the fuzzy matching? the pushed annotations?)

One nice thing that came out of the demo was that people realized that not only was it nice to get a consensus record, the real value of the consensus record is that it goes back on the network and improves the pool of data for everybody else.

Lifewatch is big (how do we fit in to this? what does this mean to us?)

Perhaps the mapping of concepts between collections is the valuable part of FP, in particular, being able to find relevant collections of data (metadata at the collections level)

(for mk: when creating a consensus record, need to allow for adding a comment on why partcular fields were selected)

(for zhimin: four types for annotations, records, record sets, transformations of record sets, the collection [data set])