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  • Here is an outline of a task list for getting the prototype into the form we want to have it for the next demonstration. Perhaps we should fill it out a little, or at least give some estimates for how long things will take.


Discussed/revised BOUML component diagram.

Diagram illustrating questions from last week in red


  • Notifiable is message not component.
  • Construct (in sense of network maintinance/building new sets) is message not component.
  • Analogy between DBMS components for handling queries (parse, plan, execute) and needs for processing injected messages in FP network.
  • Analogy between triage (in the medical sense - ordering priorities for action with order dependent on availability/scarcity of resources) and the role of the planner/execution components - thus clustering them into a triage component.
  • DBMS analogy is an analogy, a message may generate a plan that involves several different and independent tasks.
  • Messages need GUIDs, thus need component for generating GUIDs. GUIDs for messages can have finite lifetimes.

See new Component diagram and message injection sequence diagram with alternatives.

Component diagram as revised in this meeting.

Message injection into the API needs to handle both synchronous and asynchronous cases.

Sequence diagram documenting discussion of alternatives of responses in message injection