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Donna working on FP website:




  • Donna showed us the latest version of the website she is working on. She would like to have more input for further requirements. The wiki will become more like the website but there are currently technical issues to be resolved that prevent development. In particular she would like to have a blurb for "Who We Are" (as a project; who we are as a team). She would like to be given a set of images that are good for including on the web site. Do we want a collaborations section on the website? Yes.

THere are more recent FP images that can be found on the wiki, following the "upload file" link. James' presentation has images that need touching-up.

A page that describes project progress in bullet points might be good; a page for publications, too.

We need to come up with a list of scenarios for use of the web presence in order to guide its organization and navigation.

We will make an FP-dev mailing list separate from the one we have now. Also there should be a public mailing list and a public Subversion repository. Before we can do the repository we need to work out the rights issues, this can take a while. Bob will get the ball rolling with UMass. There are decisions to be made. We need to discuss them; Paul will set it up.

James will write the "Who We Are" blurb. Donna will email him the current version.

"Who We Are" should go off the first page and be replaced by a link to "Who We Are" instead. We also have at least one member who is no longer associated with the project; this kind of information should be kept somewhere too.

The first page should be like a one-page brochure for the project. A bit on what the wiki is and how to get there should be included.

We need standards for data formats for files included in the FP website.

  • James sent everyone the pdfs of the proposal; he also wrote the intro for the website.
  • David got Linux on the USB stick, with drivers. He's tested it on Paul's laptop. He needs a list of every laptop we're bringing to France so he can test them all. He also needs to know if we will be demo'ing on multiple machines or just a single machine. Paul and Bob both will bring in some hardware so we can try the multiple-machine approach. However, they might not be compatible with European wiring.
  • Maureen reports she has made no progress.
  • Zhimin is reorganizing the entire source tree. The hadoop parts still work despite neglect during massive code changes to isolate it from triage.
  • Paul has made progress on creating a vendor branch in the HUH repository for IPT. He can check out the right branch and have it build in Maven.
  • We are going to give the USB demo a try during today's meeting...
  • Next Thursday is bring-your-laptop-to-the-meeting day. We are going to try the USB demo on all of them
  • Bob has been working on tightening up umbfp. Also, he is installing GNU MailMan.