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  • Maureen is still working on specify.
  • David has gotten the JDK and MySQL to work on a USB stick in Ubuntu. The next step is to configure Hadoop.
  • Bob has given Harvard a draft of the extension budget and is waiting for James and Rich Regan to get back to him. Additionally, he is prepared to give a demonstration of semantic media wiki.
  • Paul has figured out what the AGU abstract should say. He will do the text today and submit it tonight. He also has a demo to show us with IPT IPT Demo (the goal is to use IPT as an FP annotation injection client).

Semantic Media Wiki:

Technical Discussion:

Previously, Zhimin and Bob talked about Tomcat's model of addressing JVM loading and class loading per request. Zhimin and Bob will formulate a question to the Hadoop community.

Next Week's Agenda:

  • Discussion regarding travel arrangements
  • Bob, Paul and James are going to volunteer to organize a working group on annotations for TDWG