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  • Status and timing of PersonalFP

David starts discussion with Maureen next Monday. So far, experience with Personal EFG can guide what to do---probably put a bootable Linux on the UMB stick and make the node be the startup program

Issues of network and display drivers, and others.

Demo can work just on machines of the team going to TDWG

  • Set Meeting times

Thursday 9:15 am for fall semester

  • Reports
Admin- James, Paul, Bob finished 2009 annual NSF report
Rich Ragin reports UMB extension is approved
Greg Riccardi here one week in October. We should set agenda for that
Zhimin has some response to postings about Hadoop performance, but they seem to be focused on single job performance, rather than network performance. In newest version of Hadoop can declare "infinite number" of tasks per job, so no JVM launched per task, but maybe still per job.
Bob will tell Donna what MW extensions she needs on her and help install if necessary; this is towards new skin that supports SMW
Donna has draft skin at http://phocas.huh.harvard.edu/mediawiki-1.12.0/index.php/Main_Page. We should discuss RequirementsForSkin

Paul and Zhimin: FP/IPT Demo working with IPT as client generating and injecting into an FP node via FP WSDL web service. Subject for the Springer book?

  • Recent professional contacts

Bob is in contact with Andrew Richardson about his sensor networks.

Bob in contact with HDF5 evangelist. HDF5 is heating up and maybe good for annotation apps; Also worth looking at as native FP storage? See: http://www.hdfgroup.org/ http://www.hdfgroup.org/hdf-java-html/hdfview/ http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/doc/index.html

Paul: Talking with Markus about IPT/FP

  • Projects for students
    • Structure of FP Triage; bring Triage codebase to something rigorous;

FP has money, especially for undergraduates

IPT? Extending mapping UI, allowing parse/concatenate concepts in mapping, two way mapping? IPT as FP client to receive annotations from network?

  • Round trip DB->IPT->Annotation in FP->Specify

Next Meeting 2009Sep24 9:15 AM