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    • begin spec for radically different use case.
    • begin formulating story with Kepler.


  • Bob: Working on more RDF examples of annotation instances. Now two annotations, both with opaque content. One correction of a place name assertion, one assertion of a duplicate set. Now working on importing DarwinCore rdf and producing an example containing non-opaque content. Direction of profiles/extensions for communities looks promising. TDWG DarwinCore has very few restrictions, providing for a very open world approach. This doesn't tie the hands of communities who want to use it. Examining profiles to handle the domain specific issues of annotation that aren't covered by annotation or by DWC. For biodiversity data, context is probably very important, providing a motivation for exploring profiles at this level.

Discussion of open world motivations for allowing both Assertion hasContent Owl:Thing and Assertion hasContent InterpretableObject.

  • James: The FPCQC (taking FilteredPush to production) grant has been awarded!! NSF:DBI:0960535 It is explicitly linked to the 10 year digitization strategic plan. In this context, the example annotation store with duplicate finding over the GBIF cache moves up as a priority.
  • Chinua: Upgrading PrimeFaces to current release. Something in the current FP web interface deployment is conflicting with PrimeFaces. Trying to track down the source of the conflict. Symptom is javascript errors suggesting that a javascript library is not being loaded. Also examining web design best practices to identify changes that should be made in the production system.
  • Paul: Lee Belbin has told us that the TDWG Annotations Interest Group has been approved, and he is in the process of getting the relevant wiki/etc pieces set up.
  • Zhimin: Good vacation.

Conference call with Bertram

Introductions. Suggestion: Etherpad might be appropriate for documenting larger remote meetings. We need to review all the collaborators on the FPCQC project, contact them, and begin planning the all hands meeting for this fall. Need to schedule around TDWG, hire of project programmer, GSA, and Paul/James travel to work on names in Australia. Bertram worked on a prototype related to DataOne involving documenting the provenance of workflows. Annotation of Kepler workflows as data might be a good starting point.

  • Three stories:
    • (1) Kepler workflows as data.
    • (2) Kepler Actor as a FP client.
    • (3) Analysis engine that can run Kepler workflows, and accept workflows as messages.

Are there logical priorities? (1) and (2) looks like shortest term, (2) as good starting point for Kepler team to come up to speed on FP APIs and design.

There will be an annotation session at TDWG in Wood Hole.

Paul has emailed Bertram the most relevant FP prototype use cases.

Kepler SVN is hosted out of UCD. FP is examining options for code forge integration of repository/project managment/bug tracking. Sourceforge and Google code both options.

We will need to plan regular team meeting times.


  • Elaborate some use case scenarios around the Kepler stories.
  • Extract scenarios and figures from proposal.
  • Post proposal text on wiki.
  • Bob will send email with FP list/wiki account signup information and SVN repository to Bertram.

Next Meeting 2010Sep1