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From last week (2010Feb03):

  • Do we want to continue to discuss authorization and authentication issues this week?
  • There are indexing issues to be resolved.

What is indexed, what is cached, what is left in outside data stores that must be connected to and queried out-of-band. We need to consider making sacrifices in indexing for response-time, there should probably be incremental indexing of some sort. If you assert an annotation, can it be indexed immediately? Where are the latencies for depositing annotations in the network? (dependent on network and not on content of annotation?) (the data in the annotation may have implications on length of analysis after triage)


  • Set a date and time to meet to go over demo requirements.
  • Reports

James finished the last use case for web client

Bob attended a meeting at Nescent about institutions for assisting specimen digitalization

Zhimin and Chinua will start doing three basic components: 1.basic query 2.customized query 3.Message queue reading 4.make Annotation {IPT}

  • People to make lists of components to go into Maven, to discuss details.

Bob to report on MMI's interests in distributed data annotation.


Answer query of knowledge quickly

New knowledge insertion time to find all relevant old knowledge. For example, find interested parties based on analysis of content of a message, or identify logical inconsistencies between data (for the continuous quality control story. Need more investigation.

Data locality - key issue, how much is stored in Global knowledge, how much in providers.

Potential triple store for global knowledge: http://www.4store.org/

DEMO requirements: Some real and working 1.The distributed data connection

2.Finding duplicates 3.Annotation

 Filtered 'push' should be shown
 Rss client

Choices: make annotations from specify?

        Do implementation in our own including schema mapping
        Extend IPT to do data transfer on two directions

Proposal for components involved in demonstrating the filtered push aspects of make annotation (a client to display, filter, and move to local database incoming annotations). Also? a separate(?) client for asking arbitrary questions of global knowledge? Push client components proposal.png

Next Tuesday 1:30 PM, we will talk more of demo.

? March 1st morning SPNCH demo meeting

Next Wednesday, we will have the regular meeting: Agenda:

  1. reviewing Tuesday meeting
  2. data that will be provided in the demo
  3. progress report