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Progress report: Bob got Maven project connected to svn for golden gate front end for FilteredPush project. Aim to let people publish annotation in gold gate to filteredpush. He is also thinking about connections between our project and PubMed central.

Bob also help the repairing of UMBFP and found the need to upgrade umbfp to 64 ubuntu.

Paul propose connections between specimen record and field notes as a use case for fp+golden gate.

James' interaction Jstore CEO Kevin: try to convince them to change their pub-sub model for connections between publishing material and specimen annotations.

Bob, Paul and James are invited to US virtual herbarium.

Zhimin worked on the JSF 2 front end for FilteredPush and has one simple query page done. He found the main component libraries are catching up the new standard.

David is working on virtual machine setup for filteredpush deployment.

Donna need text to fill in the new web page for filteredpush.