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    • TBW

James: July 9-18 Maureeen 14-21 Bob: July 24-Aug 7 Zhimin: Aug 18-Aug24

  • Reports
    • Bob - draft RDF Annotation ontology; BoF session on Annotations at IEvoBio. Greg R. took notes and will ask him for them. Main takehome message: easy to confuse Annotation transport and query issues with Annotation semantic issues. Also, evaluated FreeBase
    • David working with Maureen to get eclipse working with SpecifyFP
    • Maureen helped David
    • James (worked on BRC all week, will have small FP component)
    • Paul - ditto James; Code review with Zhimin and Chinhua. Followed an Annotation message through the network. Going forward redo that with an RDF representation of Annotation and Annotation Message. Zhimin: should we really use RDF for AnnotationMessage? Paul: Probably not since XML infrastructure is mature as to security, code generation, parsing, transformation, etc.

Chinua - Code review necessitated some JSF rewrites. Has deployed some Rich Faces; tables have more functionality than ordinary JSF. Rich Faces library might be better than Prime Faces used in SPNHC demo.

Zhimin- helped Chinua with *Face deployments; Code review; Looked at FreeBase.

  • Agenda


RDF representation of Annotation schema

Talk with Graybeal about community mechanism organization

Greg Ricccardi will visit July 19-21

Bryan Heidorn foundation grant proposal

From last week

2. Approaching the second phase: start from scratch? Which pieces to keep? Hadoop is not really suitable for the distributed networking role, but is suitable for a analysis, especially large scale analysis. As a service to the network rather than a component of the network.

5. Who's in charge of UI design (layout)?

7. Video of demo screen captures.