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Bob pinged Lee Belbin, and the TDWG Annotation interest group charter review process is progressing. We now his comments in hand to respond to.

Bob has put in a proposal (in the form of a tagged twitter message) for a birds of a feather session on annotations at iEvoBio.

Zhimin has started drafting a pair of papers, one on the architecture, the other on the query model.

Chinua has started on a guest/user/admin privilege system for the web interface. We need to discuss approaches to scaling of the tabbed view of annotations. Discussion: Consensus and original record are key, tabbed view of individual annotations isn't as important. Zhimin: perhaps a timeline of annotations - analogy of track in genomics community - how to display history of annotations of stuff a general problem. Bob: Generalizing to user selecting a semantic scale or metric selectable by the user, where time, taxonomy, institution are all potential metric axies.

Building a consensus record needs more than just most recent annotation. Need to implement injection of accept/reject/ignore annotations about other annotations. Likely fertile ground for research on reputation systems. Integration with curation by expert, and reputation by fiat are interesting approaches within academic community.


From last week: Priorities: Publication documentation. See history of queue. Run all communication through filteredpush api. enhance user authentication and preference configuration Summer possibilities: Separate cloud computing(off table for this summer, sounds like next round of funding). Code review expose web client to public with gbif data generic mapper

  • Plan submissions to fall conferences: TDWG, EcoInformatics, GSA.
  • Final report (due end of september).
  • Documentation of prototype.
  • Papers - lessons learned in prototype, should be in submission before final report. Target both CS and Biodiversity communities. (a) Bio: Find duplicates, (b) BI: lessons learned about annotation, (c) CS: architecture, (d) CS: query model.
  • Settling the FOSS license and releasing source code.
  • Code audit for any dependent licenses (Bob will do). Each committer to review their files and add an "informedBY:" comment to each file - add comments package by package, so Bob isn't blocked waiting for all comments.
  • Obtain partial copy of GBIF cache (specimens), expose as global knowledge base under web client.
    • Run all web client to network communication through the FP API (provide wrapper for message queues).
    • Enhance user authentication and preference configuration in web client.
    • Obtain copy of data from GBIF (we can provide human QC on GNI in return).
    • Cluster data in ways other than duplicates, e.g. consider writing network analysis module to query GNI with data in global knowledge and create taxon name string clustering annotations based on GNI responses for names.