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  • Who is the web client group?

Donna, Chinua, Zhimin, Maureen, Paul, James, David

  • Where and when to meet in the future?

We will meet Fridays at 10 in the "fishbowl" when it's available (James will let us know) and in 407 on other weeks.

  • How do we communicate with the rest of the group?

Maureen, Zhimin, Paul, David, and James will attend both meetings and will keep Bob, Donna, and Chinua up to date on meetings from the other group.

  • Summary of Wednesday's meeting

  • Reports
  • Begin outline of demo proposal

A basic mapper demo:

A column of concepts on the left representing local domain schema, a column of concepts on the right representing the network schema, a widget of some sort in the middle that allows the user to drag sets of concepts from the left and the right into the middle and define a mapping.

There are drag and drop libraries available to help with this. Rich Faces, but it is not stable. Mapper UI will be low priority for demo.

The network side schema will be provided somewhere here: http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/index.htm There is a lightweight version of Darwin Core in here somewhere. Paul will find the list of Darwin Core concepts to Maureen so she has guidance for doing the left side. Go here: http://code.google.com/p/darwincore/wiki/DarwinCoreTerms

Maureen will provide the list of Specify concepts for the left side.

Zhimin will create a configuration file for input to the mapper.

It would be nice to have one presentation for all use cases (or separate very similar presentations).

Chinua will continue working on design ideas and will consult with Zhimin.

We will work in three stages:

First, display of results.

Second, annotation of a result.

Third, editing of results.