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No meeting in person today. Too many folks traveling/unavailable. We are still collecting reports and need feedback on the All Hands Meeting Agenda


  1. Paul: Loading GBIF cache dump into MySQL database. Very slow, has been running all weekend on a low end server with attached 2TB drive, mostly running into Repair with keycache index builds slowing things down.
  2. Zhimin: Fixed two bugs in the demo UI(facets, notification receiving). Help Lei intall Specify. Did a comparison test with DuDe about different matching criteria.
  3. UCD(Bertram, Lei):
    1. Worked on “BibTex record fuse” use case which merges the BibTex records automatically, presents original duplicated and merged record to curators and finally collect the curation. A short video about this workflow could be found at [1]
    2. Installed specify6 and imported data. Thanks a lot for Zhimin’s help.