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Zhimin: Add to manuscript per comments of James; Help Lei Dou install SPNCH demo from war file; Lei's MySQL was cpu intensive, so they connected her installation to a mysql on a remote host. Maven project for FP-Network module. Some problems with jar repository of maven. Suggest not use central public jar repo. (Paul: Ant and Maven have different strengths and weaknesses. FP is perhaps now at a scale were Maven is better than ant). Installed a version of Hudson, a Continuous Integration framework.Helped Bob find solutions to problems with move of wiki.

Chinua: Working on sending email from web client; All about email is configurable.

James: working on all hands meeting. Will be scheduled for the end of week of Oct 18; Start 9 am Wed Oct 20; Good responses from internal Harvard research computing folks, and external folks. Annotation workshop set up for TDWG 2010. James settled HR issues for new appointments and Davis subcontract. Also initiated handshake with Davis, which Bertram reports is proceeding as expected.

Paul: More wrestling with Jena; Started with Gannt chart for FP project management; Bertram: good to have a call devoted only to the Kepler plans.

Bob: Moved wiki complete, pending UMB sysdamin actions about mail and dns

Lei: Installed demo and played with it. Question: are there Kepler use cases with SPNCH demo?

Bertram: Discussing use cases with Lei; Worked on administration of contract;


Notifications: (James: what about other syndication. What should happen?)

Zhimin: RSS, PubSubHub

Paul: use case for notifications by email emerging from kepler: Kepler running in an Analysis engine, something triggers Kepler to rerun the analysis. Original annotator that specified this should happen needs notification.

Bob and Paul: Much to discuss about email security; needs included tests available to test inclusion

Bob et al. Lei should try to move FuzzyMatch in SPNCH to a Kepler workflow to see what is needed between Analysis and Kepler; Davis team will make some entries in the scenarios and use case pages. James things lots of data in GBIF cache with many kinds of duplicates

Bertram: Davis will contribute use cases. Exploit data in KNB EML Metadata data sets in Metacat. See also DataOne; Bob: We need an early test of distributed nodes since we have not done so since we moved away from Hadoop. Paul: Design is conceptually a P2P network with no single point of failure.

NextMeeting Tuesday Sep 21 2-3:00 pm one more hour strategic meeting All to put reports on wiki before meetings. Generate a reminder.


  • GBIF cache use, authorizations, etc.
  • Collaborative Editing environment (all)
  • Use cases from Kepler (all)
  • Start security requirements for Kepler workflows and clients. HUH and Davis should provide scenarios and use cases on wiki beforehand.
  • Maven (HUH only)
  • Web Project Hosting (all)
  • Functional and non-functional requirements for Chinua for Web Client development of GBIF Cache (HUH only)
  • Discussion of bibliographic Kepler use cases. HUH and Davis should provide scenarios and use cases on wiki beforehand.
  • Agenda for All Hands Meeting. (Open page for 2010 All Hands Meeting