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UC Davis (Lei, Bertram)

(1) Expanded the Record Fuse Use-Case and developed an early prototype workflow, showing some key steps, and the way provenance can keep track of dependencies. For more details about the use-case background, possible implementation and prototype, please see [1]

(2) Developed a SpecimenSearch workflow to encapsulate “fuzzy match” function in SPNCH demo.For more information, please see [2]

screenshot of SpecimenSearch workflow


Paul: Downloaded GBIF Cache, too large to unzip on available disk space on server. More work with David on Specify. Got him set up with a functioning SpecifyHUH build in eclipse on his laptop. Examined some of the example Kepler workflows with Zhimin and Chinua. Refined and posted the Production_Coding_Standards.

Zhimin: Revisiting papers about duplicate finding papers and thinking ways to deal with the scale of GBIF data. Installed and ran Kepler successfully. Help Bob on architecture diagram.

Bob: Began a section for notes about FP2_Design, starting with parts of current white board in HUH 407, based for now only on simple component UML. Put an OWL2 representation of DarwinCore into svn at FP-Network/trunk/design/ontologies/dwcterms.rdf. The point is to make the TDWG rdf representation of DwC have most of its attributes be OWL2 Annotation Properties. In OWL2, Annotation Properties have lots of structure possible, and reasoning on them supported independently of the reasoning on data that have as properties the ones that have OWL2 Annotation Properties on them.
Screenshot of Protge4 on OWL2 representation of Darwin Core

Chinua: Implemented an interface for administrators to send a test mail. Implemented custom error-pages for the webUI. A DEMO is ready.

James: Met with Rich to go over the final spend-down of the prototyping Filtered Push funds. All seems to be as planned. The core HUH team needs to consider the products for documentation in the final report, which James will lead. Products can go on Prototype_Reports. Preparation for the upcoming All-Hands meeting continues. Dates of meeting finalized as October 25-26 for All-Hands and October 27th for core team meeting. We can still invite a few others: suggestions? Bob, Paul, and James need to meet to discuss an outline for the TDWG Annotation workshop.


Discussion of SpecimenSearch workflow

Workflow with CollectionComposer actor passes text to a SearchSpecimenRecord actor which makes a web service call to a FP node and retrieves the results of the query. Bob notes that both teams should congratulate themselves at how easily this could be done.

Parameters for CollectionComposer might be setting short term goals and issues of what parameters need to be fed in to a query message sent by SearchSpecimenRecord into a FP network.

We have to have an annotation (message?) type with something that is able to invoke a workflow.

Immediate approach: web client launches message that can be picked up by a Kepler actor, which then sends a message into the workflow. When a node puts onto a message queue a message saying run this workflow with these parameters, kepler retrieves the message, runs the workflow, injects resulting message into network. Perhaps needs HUH to elaborate a use case.

Alternative short term goal: Kepler extends the SpecimenSearch workflow to Annotate a record.

HUH Action Item: Produce a detailed scenario by which the web client launches a message asking for an analysis (workflow) to find all the duplicates of some record x. This scenario should result in a message arriving on a queue where it can be retrieved by a Kepler actor.

Kepler Action Item: Actor to retrieve a message from a queue, Actor to inject an annotation message.

Agenda for All Hands Meeting

Mon, Tue, 25,26 October, all hands, Wed, 27 October Core team. Several participants would like to listen by web cast. Discussion of people with known status and additional people to invite.

  • Proposed Agenda
    • Review of prototype, lessons learned.
    • Introduction to Kepler
    • Review of Prototype UseCases
    • Community Driven additional UseCase Development
    • Requirements development for FP network from clients
    • Requirements for Annotation inter-networking.
    • Timing

Web Project Hosting

Sourceforge? GoogleCode? GitHub?

Different mixed feelings about each. Criterion - developers make good comments when they commit, particularly easy single action cross reference between bug tracking entries and repository commits. Sourceforge good at post-commit hook triggered by bug identifiers. Need more insight into GITHUB.

ActionItem: HUH to evaluate GitHub.

Five minute overview of network architecture diagram (Bob)

Question: Define client with Spring?

Planning for getting team members together at TDWG

Monday or Tuesday - but look at which talks are of interest - not skipping of sessions.

Collaborative Editing environment

ActionItem: HUH to Deploy Etherpad. Done.


Bertram: Access to collections data? Existing data sets, DiGIR feeds, ENSIS metadata records for EMS data. HUH goal to set up server with GBIF cache, with FP node over it for Kepler to query.

Lei: Kepler to inject message to network, documentation? Inject annotation message into triage. Zhimin to point at details.

Items for Later

  • HUH: Friday, review Chinua's latest demo.
  • GBIF cache use, authorizations, etc.
  • Maven (HUH only)
  • Functional and non-functional requirements for Chinua for Web Client development of GBIF Cache (HUH only)
  • Use cases from Kepler (all)
  • Start security requirements for Kepler workflows and clients. HUH and Davis should provide scenarios and use cases on wiki beforehand.
  • Discussion of bibliographic Kepler Record Fuse use case.

See also ToDo