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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011Apr12

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Lei and Bertram

  • Designed and discussed the detailed SPNHC demo scenario, worked on workflow implementation


  • Captured first draft of requirements for the FP web presence in a users/function/attributes/ scheme.
  • Learned about objectives for FP project in charter discussion with James.


  • Worked with Tim on the requirements for our web presence and our Charter.
  • Gave a talk to at the annual meeting of the Ontario Field Botanists of which a significant component highlighted the Filtered Push.
  • Provided several talking slides on the Filtered Push for Kathryn Davis of the Canadian Museum of Nature who will be teaching a course in Spain which includes a lecture on non-commercial research perspectives on access and benefit-sharing to a very international audience, many from developing countries.


  • separate message classes into general and domain module
  • design three layer model for message processing: serialized message(in some schema), Java object model after parsing and local message semantic interpretation
  • Doing some experiments for using Solr as our only indexing engine of our demo code


Attendees: James, Bob, Zhimin, Tim, Lei

From agenda items:

Demo Scenarios: Lei summarized. -input dataset with known problems into work flow with 2 actors -how to design GUI and import things to show discussed last Friday -James: will it fit in 15 minutes? -Bob: can it work locally as backup for Internet system being down? Make a video? -Zhimin: What is most important thing to highlight in the demo... Bob: Where is the phenology data? Is it accessible from Hong. =Yes

REU Supplement: -no one knew details about this...

FP_Charter: -Tim and James looking for feedback. Use the wiki to make edits or use the "talk" function to discuss. -difficult to quantify some of the objectives... -Should this be made public on our site? =Yes!

Web Presence: -Tim reviewed document that he created based on conversation with James -Make edits over the next week -Plan and timetable for redesigning our presence next week? Bob: How separate FP from more general cases? 1. Quality control and fitness for use. 2. Relationship to work flow. Need to generalize beyond “specimen” focus to contrast from Bicycle etc. -Internal code documents are open but not directly on site. Tim: Use Talk function of the wiki to discuss web presence ideas? = we should try Bob: Edits versus discussion: We don't really do this... (all edits)

Tim: Short URL for FP ( Bob owns filteredpush.org). Is it easy to set up. Where point from? Bob: just tell me how/where you want it to point and will do when return from Ecuador!