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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011Apr19




  • Working on putting Solr as the fuzzy search engine and close to deployment. In a long run, need more understanding of its indexing and query scheme.
  • Network design


  • Discussed possible proposal development with colleagues for using FP in a secure environment.



  • Working on specimen curation workflow

Meeting Notes

Filtered Push Team Meeting 2011 Apr 19

Present: Bertram, Tim, David, Zhimin, Paul, Lei, James, Jim

  • SPNHC Demo Progress

Paul: Set of 3 of 5 test records compiled. Zhimin: Setting timeline for development and feature freezes of demonstration. Lei: Developing the workflows and the actors for the workflows. [] Report composer actor. Also discussed duplicate finding. Initial demonstration had client side duplicate finding, this doesn't fit in well with the rest of the script for the demonstration. Duplicate finding responsibility of network in this demonstration. Paul: The demonstration record set is fuzzed from existing GBIF cache data. Bertram: Is annotating the duplicate part of the workflow. Paul: Workflow injects annotation about data that it has processed, responsibility of network to find duplicates to pass these to. Zhimin: Minor tuning of existing network codebase. Bertram: Is there a demo cartoon? Discussion: No, but it would be useful. James: Web client good to show to remind people, and as demonstration of annotation and interest.

  • Project Charter

James: Tim and James worked on about two weeks ago, up on wiki. Question, public or not, intent is to be public. Bertram: Clarify: "By project end, have an ability to include authoritative lists" James: Goal is to allow inclusion of services, e.g. service calls to IPNI or GNI. Bertram: Can we spell these out? In Demo: GNI (lexical groups, not yet in API, discussion with Dimitri), IPNI, Biogemancer, GeoLocate. James: Handshakes actor to service may need to be developed for each source. Paul: Others are GNUB and HUH botanists. James: How about schema mapping? Bertram: Exploring this might need to go into charter. James: Charter at highest level. Tim: Charters a place to negotiate between managers and engineers. We run the risk of sitting on both sides of the negotiating table. Key is to spell out what you would really like to be able to say is working and has happened in three years. E.g. goal for Kepler to say that all possible interactions with the network produced in the project are available as actors in Kepler. Paul: Use discussion page, each of us taking a particuar techincal or management role in the discussion. Jim: We should not promise anything we aren't prepared to deliver, and nothing that is too consuming to manage.

Timeline: Comment this week. Revisit next week and finalize.

Jim: Please send out link to discussion page

  • Web Presence Requirements

Tim: Bob and Tim had discussion on page. Will start working on revising text on main page based on this document. Discussion with Bob about using category heiriarchies, queries and other

Jim: Proposed timing for these wiki changes?

Bertram: Best to keep simpler at first.

Paul: We review over the next week, comment, particularly including priorities and timelines (when do we need what presence for which audiences).

BL: travel details for SPNHC (questions by James, Paul, Bob ..)

Meeting before. Flight to Sacremento, then rental car, cabs, shuttle, then travel to SF makes sense.

James: Agenda?

James: Jim: When to meet during SPNHC. Jim: Wednesday morning, May 25th works.

FP Team meeting, SPNHC 2011, Morning of May 25th

James to contact SPNHC organizers for venue.

All: Send arrival, departure dates to Bertram.

BL, FYI: back from ICDE; gave Kepler/COMAD demo; brought special issue on duplicate detection (Naumann et al); interesting new technologies (eg FPGAs for event detection in pub/sub settings) Felix Naumann, Melanie Herschel, An Introduction to Duplicate Detection Synthesis Lectures on Data Management 2010, 87 pages, (doi:10.2200/S00262ED1V01Y201003DTM003)