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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011Jul19


  • Project Programmer Position
  • TDWG
  • Dear Colleague Letter


  • Paul
    • Evaluated time tracking in sourceforge tracker, trac hosted app, mantisbt hosted app. Only ManisBT hosted app provides for user configurable fields. Configured sourceforge MantisBT for FP, entered a bug for Maureen.
    • Zhimin completed the code generation from BOUML, documenting the same, and setting up an eclipse project for the generated interface code.
  • Lei
    • finished documentation of Kuration package
  • Tim
    • Configured SQL Server for network access.
    • Implemented a mini specimen collection database using a schema provided to Lei by Paul. Modified SQL script from MySQL dialect to SQL Server.
    • Began writing Java code that accesses the database via the MyBatis data mapper. The code is very loosely coupled to the schema (no object-relational mapping).
  • Bob returned from vacation. Starting to catch up...
  • Maureen
    • Created a rudimentary application using the Kuali Rice platform to investigate how to add FP client nodes to a SparqlPush network. As a creation of that framework, the application has its own identity management, document routing, and notification systems, and its web-based UI was generated automatically. Having created one such application it should be easier to quickly create a few more so that they can interact over an FP network. Next steps: configuring the identity management, loading the sample application with data, and integrating with the test SparqlPush implementation.
  • James
    • Made contact with the TDWG Conference program organizers and was granted a session on digital annotation as well as a working session for the Annotation Interest Group. We are supposed to contact potential speakers ASAP.


  • Project Programmer Position

Paul: job ad posted internally Jim: circulate to team now; Paul: can publicly advertise next week sometime.

  • TDWG

Paul: Donald Hobern is enthusiastic about an annotation session. James is encouraged by TDWG organizers. James: They are just getting up to speed. Nico and Rusty are making program. Like Annotation meeting. Also would schedule 1/4 day working session. Need to produce abstract for a talk and also think of others. Bertram: what does TDWG offer for advertising plan. Paul: Send to AIG. James: Would be nice to have Paolo come. Paul: Can we send him on Participant Support Costs. Bob: will ask Paolo if he has interest James: Are we discussing AO in general, how we implement it? Bertram: How to convince people of utility of annotations? Paul: Want to get other people involved. Demonstrate broader utility. Have AO work done in the AIG working session. James: Target Donald wants to show BHL Jim: Suggest call BHL upper level e.g. Tom Garnett James: Maybe BiSciCol?; VertNet? Ask Walter B about European efforts. Jim, Paul: Ask Nico for suggestions beyond BiSciCol.

  • Dear Colleague Letter

I think it's this one: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2011/nsf11066/nsf11066.txt Yes, it's that one. Yes bertram that is it Jim: circulate above and set up a conference with NSF program officer. But take care as it is only for travel to NIST. We have to be sure it fits with our goals. Bob and Jim will pursue. Bertram: How might this effort help FPush? (supplement to do what? Maybe outreach? For AO or FP software?)

Paul: Time what do you need for mapper work? Tim: Need some Darwin Core data with more stuff about determination, with richer content. Paul: Will discuss tomorrow with Tim