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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011Mar01


  • Review collaborations, Morphbank, Specify, DataOne, Canadensys(?) etc.
  • Develop Goals for web application.
  • Report from Friday Tech Meeting: Mapping update/insert queries.
  • Targets for Query Mapping, Specify, SpecifyHUH, MCZbase, Others?
  • Budget Revision.


  • Zhimin: Architecture design with Bob; Schema mapping with Lei.
  • James: Co-sponsored and attended a Canadian workshop in Ottawa entitled "Biodiversity Data Publication" with representatives from academia, government, NGOs, Industry, and the private sector. I led a discussion on the "How" component of setting up an infrastructure to better support data publication. The following day, a small group of players met to work on a proposal for continuing the Canadensys project which would more broadly support the biodiversity community (currently has an academic focus due to the funding source). The program this is to be submitted to is entitled "Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Knowledge Mobilization (NCE-KM). I managed to convince my colleagues that a collection metadata approach toward demand-driven digitization should be a priority and that having an ability to annotate and push information back to providers of this "knowledge" is essential :-)
  • Paul: After Friday's tech meeting, provided a small set of data rows for the straw horse example schema, along with data for two relevant annotations for Lei and Zhimin to examine update/insert mappings.
  • Lei and Bertram: Working on template-script based data update approach. Lucene (full-text indexing and searching engine) might be a good candidate to generate materialized view.