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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011May03

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  • Review discussion of Web Presence Requirements Talk:Web_Presence_Requirements
  • Annual project report due by August 01, 2011.
  • Brief review for approval of Project Charter. FP_Charter
  • Update on SPNHC Demonstration (demonstration by Lei).
  • Role of Ontologies and Semantics in the project architecture.
  • NatureServe, ScienceCommons, Hank, ADBC.



  • Help Lei prepare data for SPNCH demo.
  • Fixed several some bugs in the prototype system.
  • System design


  • Finished injecting annotation into Fpush network by working with Zhimin
  • Finished visualization actor to help people find out the quality issues by using google map


  • Developed some more high level project management documents, circulated to James and Tim, also posted on private wiki.
  • Set up a simple private wiki for internal project documents at: http://www.aa3sd.net/FPinternal/


  • Worked with Tim to revise the Charter based on discussion.
  • Had a discussion with Natureserve about web services related to FNA and use of FP in their infrastructure (need to follow up)
  • Joined a successfully funded proposal at Agriculture Canada to modernize the CBIF portal and do digitization of collections
  • Spoke with Greg Riccardi (Morphbank) about potential interaction with the ADBC Hub (need to follow up)

Meeting Notes

Filtered Push Project Team Meeting 2011 May 03

Present: Bertram, Tim, Zhimin, Bob, David, Paul, Jim, James, Lei.


  • Review discussion of Web Presence Requirements

James: There are some valuable comments on way things are worded, but overall looks ready to think about resources to commit.

Jim: Any resources available for this?

James: Yes, in year 3, and we are likely to need to reduce this position to support the change to Bob's status.

Bob: Another alternative: we could find an out of work web designer who might do something on a volunteer or low cost basis.

Jim: Such are known to us in the MCZ.

James: Two sides, visual, and producing and organizing the content.

Tim: Writing the copy probably the hardest part.

Paul: Prioritize for next 6 months, what might time commitments be?

Tim: Requirements are fairly flexible, e.g. we give copy to web designer for a static website. If any project member should be able to add content and organize the website, then that may be an important requirement. Design and maintainability are both things to evaluate.

Bertram: Initial copy hard bit, then can roll by itself. Needs some time to put the presence together.

James: Continuing to use mediawiki seems to be suitable path. Templates and such might be thing to explore rather than producing static html.

Bob: Just spent weekend at New England Give camp, 100 programmers & graphics designers doing work for about 20 new england non-profits. Takeaway: For low maintinace websites, drupal has won, and wordpress has come in second. Both have good plugin architectures. Drupal wizards put up astonishing websites in a weekend. On Bob's plate to make filteredpush.org does not map to the front page of etaxonomy.org but to wherever in the wiki we want it to, or to a drupal installation. Easy piece of the branding objection to address. ... Not much more than css programming for much of templating.

James: Mostly, it is the content that we want.

Bob: There is an open source web based editor that allows insertion of tags into static pages that allow those tagged blocks to be changed by any authenticated user. (e.g. tag the title of a page, and let users change those), might be path for static pages.

James: Don't want to play with what is in existance. Can Bob make a copy?

Paul: Mediawiki and WordPress available on Sourcforge.

James: Tim and I can organize the content. Need help on graphic design.

Paul: Suggest that happen in place on mediawiki, and we seek a graphic designer.

Tim: Would like to get an decision on google sites: Fits bill for something simple.

Bob: My experience is that everyone who has used mediawiki has said it is easy after a couple of weeks. There is a very well crafted incremental learning curve. There are likely to be future participants in counties that don't have google access.

  • Annual project report due ASAP.

Jim: From NSF: Automatic report Due no later than 90 days than the year August first 2010 was official start date. Target date begining of july. Could ask the program officer if we can set the start date to the actual start date. Suggest we just plan on geting the project report done by the end of June. Can distribute the template, divide up the tasks, and have a month or so to assemble the parts.

Bertram: Can keep to the official schedule, will have plenty to tell, and can prefix with start in October.

Bob: Also don't see a need to change reporting date. If working from a template, we can write to what we have done allready, what we expect to have done by end of June, then reality check before submitting.

Paul: Sounds like a consensus.

Jim: Conference early on, hired people, presence at meetings. No question that project has gotten off the ground.

  • Brief review for approval of Project Charter.

Jim: Couple of questions: Non-funded supervisory seems duplicated by authorizing players Anticipated deliverables and milestones seems redundant with objectives.

James: Can take out non-funded supervisory contributions.

Jim: Minor comments: (1) s/non-funded/non NSF funded/ (2) lot of computer science jargon, may be fine for informatics, otherwise might need definitions (node, library, actor, API). (3) Project end: Summer 2013.

Tim: Link to glossary page?

Bob: Does this document need an executive summary?

Paul: Split out first sentance:

Tim: I agree.

Tim: Primarily a communication document within the project. If everyone on the call understands the terms then we don't need to be entirely self contained.

Paul: Consensus that this, with minor edits, is approved as project charter?

Group: Yes. Consensus.

  • Update on SPNHC Demonstration (demonstration by Lei).

Lei went through demo. Everyone went Oooh.

Bob: Good to study the workflows and identify opportunities for the injection of annotations.

Jim H.: Lei's presentation is wonderful

  • Role of Ontologies and Semantics in the project architecture.

Defer to next week.

  • NatureServe, ScienceCommons, Hank.

Jim: Have come up empty thus far with BP competition. He's still evaluating the RFP, and has reached out to data sources. No contact yet about FP probably means that he hasn't seen a role for FP in the RFP. Circulate RFP.

James: Had conversation with NatureServe about FNA and webservices, etc. In talking they are building a filtered push kind of story. Might be a collaboration opportunity. They have a set of nodes, looking for method to synchronize content amongst nodes, including means for perhiperal nodes to update a master.

  • Around the room & other stuff:


  • Q: Login to aa3sd different from Etaxonomy login? [Same username, different initial password. You can change the password.]
  • Duplicate-Detection using Map-Reduce project (ECS-265) started.

Will experiment with Hadoop (Java-based) and Disco (Python-based) Interest from GBIF (Tim Robertson): if we get some interesting results for GBIF data, he would like to try out using GBIF resources. Found good related literature (survey paper, research paper with experiments: will provide links..)