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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2011Nov01

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  • Proposed TCN Collaborations
  • Project Programmer Search
  • Search Use Cases
    • Identify use cases for searching the ApplePie instance of a FP Network
    • identify the data object types that will be the basis for searches and search results for Apple Pie.
  • Apple Pie Components
  • FilteredPush Messages
  • Using SourceForge tools
    • Do we put tasks for developers into MantisBT, Trak, or SF native tracker on SourceForge?
    • An alternative for filtered-push@cs.umb.edu.
  • iDigBio summit: Need to answer questions I circulated and consider presentation on FP


  • Maureen
    • the tech group (minus Bob) met on Friday and did a once-over of the Apple Pie high-level data flow diagram, discussed the project time line, and the disposition of the prototype mapper
    • added a section on the ApplePie page for instructions for developers; got latest code for Specify release to build & run outside Eclipse; documented how to download/build/install/run Specify.
  • Paul
  • Lei
    • Investigating the update requests expressed in annotation and send out questions for further discussion.
    • Discussed with Maureen about FP network architecture and work division
  • Bob
    • TDWG and ISWC2011 10th International Semantic Web Conference. Several conversations with Carole Goble (Taverna PI, Manchester University CS Department). She reported that Paolo has plans to merge AO with other efforts. Haven't talked to him yet.
    • Begun modeling Maureen's high level view as UML Component Diagram with an eye toward stake in the ground about what interfaces are required.

Action items from last week

  • identify the main non-FP software components (See this list).
  • identify possible schemas to use for collection objects, and: determinations, taxon names, botanist names (Paul)
  • create the documentation and scripts for building, installing, and running Specify (see these instructions)
  • synthesize documents on the wiki; include the requirements list; include a review of requirements list with some specific demonstration scenarios-- relate demo requirements to specific use cases (Paul and Maureen by 2011-Nov-01)