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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2012Jan11


  • FNA/Semantic Media wiki client
  • NSF Workshop RFP
  • Report on Annotations Discussion with Paolo
  • Contact from BGMB
  • James' new funding.
  • Pending Tech Issues
    • Generation of annotations from Specify determinations (mid to late Jan?)
    • FilteredPush Requirements Report_on_FP_Requirements
    • API For Query and Cluster Finding
    • Tech group needs to make a decision on or set a date for decision for the query language for pub-sub for Apple Pie.
    • Tech group needs to make a decision on or set a date for decision for the domain objects supported for Apple Pie.
    • Tech group needs to decide on or set a date for decision for the scope, composition, and implementation of the "global cache."


  • Paul, Bob, James: Meeting with Hong Cui working on FNA Semantic Parsing project with Filtered Push interactions.
  • Lei: drafting the GUI of the mapper
  • Maureen: re-did old JSF web client, started working on tech road map


Filtered Push Team Meeting 2012 Jan 11 Present: Bertram, Lei, Maureen, Bob, Alex Dusenbery, Hong Cui, Paul, James


  • FNA/Semantic Media wiki client

James: New funding for botanical data integration, built around FNA's parsed floral descriptions, done by Hong's group. Working on ontologizing the glossary. Goal is to make available in knowledge portal (potentially semantic mediawiki) functioning to collect assertions from viewers of data in the knowledge portal. FP comes in a year or so from now, allowing people to come in to a rich resource and enhance it.

  • NSF Workshop RFP

Got comments back from Jim and James. Working in, favoring reduction of focus on current FP work. Expect to have ready to send back to NSF next week.

  • Report on Annotations Discussion with Paolo

Whole of Harvard has annotations interest area, need to revise Paolo's description of FP.

Paolo also asked us if we were happy with... ?... (dropping out)

Paul and Bob met with Paolo last wednesday, discussed the integration of the data annotation extensions into the AO the annotation ontology. He's then working to integrate the ao with another ao effort.

Need to increase pace on data annotation paper.

Bob has been working on a section on rules.

Paul has been working on a description of AOD

  • Contact from BGMB

Background: Contact from last fall with BGMB, directed to Prototype and Maureen for support.

Bob: We need to make sure that he knows what means by AO, and the development efforts with AO.

Maureen: One of the things they need is software to evaluate.

Paul: Wil coordinate responding to him.

Maureen: What are we willing to show people for software before we have something working.

Maurren: Can we define documentation of how to do a deployment as a milestone, and a working FP Web client over a test network as a milestone.

Milestones on agenda for next tech meeting (Friday).

  • James' new funding.

James: Just starting to get organized. Just got funding for multi-department canadian effort, involving both Kepler and FP.

Bertram: Congratulations.

James: Other funding brings in a postdoc and parts of some technical people for Semantic Mediawiki-FP FNA integration.

Bob: Bob and Lei are working on what amounts to a best practices document for using RDF, should have something to show there next week.