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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2012Jun27


  • Coordination with NE Vascular Plants TCN, including timelines.
  • Botany 2012
    • User Tests and Debugging for Annotation Processor.
    • Demonstration Script
  • Review [Roadmap]


  • Collaborations
    • Kepler
    • Specify/Symbiota
    • SCAN TCN
  • Media contact at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics


  • Paul
    • Walked through annotation processor with Jim, collected feedback, filed bugs.
    • Made contact at Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics
    • More review of roadmap and issues.
  • Jim
    • Met with Marie Studer, head of EOL's Learning + Education group, regarding Kepler Kurator proposal. She will suggest "broader impacts" activities for grant proposal.
    • Communicated with Brian Wiegmann, associate director of NESCent, and others there regarding the possibility of NESCent hosting one or more Kepler Kurator grant-funded workshops. Initial response is positive. I will have a phone call with Brian next week to discuss further. I will upload standard workshop form to Kepler folder on Dropbox.
  • David
    • Modified the FP-Node code to use Fuseki as a SPARQL enpoint for the annotation store. Bob has SPARQL Push running queries on the fuseki running on my machine with annotations submitted via network clients (Morphbank, Symbiota).
    • Addressed some bugs brought up since our last meeting (date handling, dwcFPModel)
    • Began UML, api documentation and javadoc generation for network components and annotation generation code.
    • Created georeference.xml descriptor config for the ClientHelper to generate new georeference annotations.
  • Maureen
    • Was on vacation, but did create javadocs and put up a class diagram and notes for specifyweb (Specify Driver)


Present: Jim, James, Heather, Lei, Bob, Maureen, David, Paul, Patrick Sweeney

  • Coordination with NE Vascular Plants TCN, including timelines.

Patrick: Overveiw, digitise 1.3 million specimens across several herbaria large and small in region. Image, minimal specimen data, georeference by town, enhance with habitat and phenology. 6 digitizing institutions, 3 of these digitizing 9 smaller collections. Data shared through symbiota based portal. Phase 1: Primary digitization, using high throughput imaging/data capture stations. Phase 2: Subsequent data enhancement. Role of FilteredPush: Transport of new specimen records to authoriative databases, transport of annotations from Symbiota to enhance data.

Bob: Where does the enhanced data end up and how does it get shown to the world, e.g. phenology.

Patrick: Display in Symbiota not yet determined, working with Ed Gilbert. Controled vocabulary from Richard Primack. Not a darwin core field in particular.

Bob: Metadata of identification rather than occurance?

Patrick: Assertion about specimen: "Leaves are in bud".

Paul: Participating institutions using Specify, numbers?

Patrick: 5 of 6 primary using specify, smaller 1 using specify, one using MS Access, others not using databases or not clear yet.

Paul: Perhaps need to discuss what would be needed to make a Driver instance for kEmu.

Paul: Timelines?

Patrick: Precapture stage, along with development and deployment of digitization apparatus, targeted for deployment in July 2013, development in August 2012. Secondary digitization starting in July 2014.

Paul: Coordination?

Discussion: Patrick as primary point of contact for TCN, Paul for FP. Two to maintain contact on timelines, etc. Will discuss with OK team dates and deliverables to put on FP roadmap.

James: ApplePie open to other institutions?

Patrick: Don't see any issues in this. Other than issues around sensitive locality data. Discussion: Sensitive data. May be largely presentation layer issues. Control with taxon list?

Bob: General issue: not all the holders of a duplicate agree on the access control on a duplicate set.

  • Botany 2012
    • User Tests and Debugging for Annotation Processor.

Discussed state of bug fixes and feature requests.

Priorities for Lei: (none critical) Accept annotation wizard, Populate blank fields inteligently (services and or local data), user help.

Discussion: Nice. Need further user feedback, particularly on whether complexity of step 3 feedback gets in people's way in using UI.

    • Demonstration Script

James: Same as SPNHC Demo.

  • Review Roadmap

James to compare with proposal outcomes.

Non-Tech Agenda Items

  • Collaborations
    • Kepler

Designer and Education component contacts made.

    • Specify/Symbiota
    • SCAN TCN
  • Media contact at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
They are making a proposal for us.  

Friday tech call noon.

Next Tuesday, call with James for coordinating Botany Demo, 11 AM Eastern, using collaboration software that Specify/Symbiota was using. evo.caltech.edu