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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2012Mar14


  • AOD manuscript
  • State of Ecosystem components
    • Client helper: Annotation generation.
    • Firuta configuration.
    • Integration with Morphbank.
    • AnnotationProcessor: Specify Driver.
    • FP Access point API and FP Network Nodes.
  • Pending non-tech issues
    • Discussion of potential grant proposals.
    • Collaborations
    • SPNHC (two computers/projectors should be feasible).
    • iDigBio symposium and workshop at Botany 2012 (July).
  • Pending Tech Issues
    • API For Query and Cluster Finding
    • Tech group needs to make a decision on or set a date for decision for the query language for pub-sub for Apple Pie.
    • Tech group needs to decide on or set a date for decision for the scope, composition, and implementation of the "global cache."
    • Tech group needs to document the use, roles, and rationales for identifiers.
      • Who is responsible for MessageIDs and what purposes do they serve.
      • Identifiers in messages
      • Identifiers in annotations


  • Paul
    • Got EJB implementation of Network Node (AccessPoint/Triage/JobPlanner/JobRunner) working in glassfish using NetBeans
    • Stubbed out a store and forward message system using MySQL with EKB wrapper. Deployed with node on a machine for testing.
    • Worked on MS revisions for Bob.
  • Bob
    • Worked on MS revisions
    • Discussions with David about SOAP service that maps Morphbank annotation to FP annotation.


Filtered Push Team Meeting 2012 Mar 14

Present: James, Bertram, Bob, David, Maureen, Paul.

  • AOD manuscript

Revewed comments in: ExtendingAO_V0.91.odt that Bob emailed out to the group.

  • Possible new directions for future funding

Bob: Had discussion with Michner in Costa Rica.

Maureen: Possible talk of interest next thursday.

  • SPNHC abstract(s)

James: we have possibility of two screens and independent computers projected (one larger than the other). James: How many abstracts? Peter putting in something on AppleCore. Paul: 2? Demonstration then FP in context of AppleCore/ApplePie Deadline: Apr 13.

  • FP All Hands Meeting

Need to keep planning.

Tentatively at Harvard the weekend before SPNHC. Bob to follow up with Jim/Bertram next week. Need to check if desirable for Patrick from Yale to attend (or if we meet with him at SPNHC). Advantage of Harvard possibly Paolo joining in.

  • Kepler Kuration/Kurator

James: Where do we want the collaboration space? = Google Docs for now, DropBox later?


Start in google docs.

  • State of Ecosystem components
    • Client helper: Annotation generation.

David: Packaged in jar, provides web service. Working on documentation and testing.

    • Firuta configuration.

No new names yet.

    • Integration with Morphbank.

David: Morphbank form for new determination invokes web service.

    • AnnotationProcessor: Specify Driver.

Maureen: Continuing to work on driver.

    • FP Access point API and FP Network Nodes.

EJB implementation working from NetBeans into Glassfish. Deployed. Not checked in yet or converted to build from Eclipse.

Meeting next week, Maureen to lead. Most folks away the week after - possibly no meeting then.

David: Started to get set up to transfer code for Glassfish deployment from NetBeans to Eclipse.