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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2012Mar21


  • AOD manuscript
  • State of Ecosystem components
    • Client helper: Annotation generation.
    • Firuta configuration.
    • Integration with Morphbank.
    • AnnotationProcessor: Specify Driver.
    • FP Access point API and FP Network Nodes.
  • Pending non-tech issues
    • Discussion of potential grant proposals.
    • Collaborations
    • SPNHC (two computers/projectors should be feasible).
    • iDigBio symposium and workshop at Botany 2012 (July).
  • Pending Tech Issues
    • API For Query and Cluster Finding
    • Tech group needs to make a decision on or set a date for decision for the query language for pub-sub for Apple Pie.
    • Tech group needs to decide on or set a date for decision for the scope, composition, and implementation of the "global cache."
    • Tech group needs to document the use, roles, and rationales for identifiers.
      • Who is responsible for MessageIDs and what purposes do they serve.
      • Identifiers in messages
      • Identifiers in annotations


  • Maureen: working on Specify test environment and Specify driver
  • Bob: Working on manuscript revision and reconciling RDF examples and dwcFP.owl (formerly named dwcFPModel.owl) with manuscript.


Maureen to get deadline for SPNHC abstract and email it with notice of cancellation of next week's meeting.