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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2012Oct24


  • Meeting with Ke-EMu developer

A developer from K-Emu stopped by Cambridge on his way from New Haven to Toronto to discuss integration of his company's software with Filtered Push. We agreed to provide him a written description of an API for them to implement for the "driver," and he would review it. He said that from the high-level overview we gave him that it is not likely to be a problem to do the implementation on their end.

  • Embedded Kepler

Tianhong got account access from to Kuration Google account to run various Kuration workflows; ready to run and extend them

Sven: proof of principle Kepler invocation via RMI ("hacking into Kepler main loop")

provide design for exec Kepler in a Java bean

determine coverage of existing scenarios with existing workflows and components

http://filteredpush.org/mw/Use_Case_Scenarios has the library.  Should annotate there with specific Actors, workflows, etc.

    • VM

Should be ready for us to use by the end of the week.

    • Development targets
  • Progress on iDigBio and SCAN integration.
    • User Documentation (SCAN Testing)
    • Schedule for taking FP-Symbiota integration live for SCAN
  • Progress on pubsubhubub implementation test.
  • TDWG

See Reports below.


  • Collaborations
    • Chicago

Proposal submitted.

    • Specify/Symbiota (Meeting at iDigBio TCN summit next week).
    • SCAN TCN
    • NEVP TCN (Digitization apparatus, TACC, Symbiota integration next week).

Update on ETC/Euler: Jessie Kennedy was visiting, inspired us to improve our ETC/Euler tools w.r.t. taxonomy visualization

Bob mentions RCC/OWL paper in ETC Mendeley (relevant for ETC/Euler)


  • Paul
    • At iDigBio TCN Summit II. Ed Gilbert showed off Symbiota-FP integration in live SCAN portal. Went over very well. Discussed deployment into live Morphbank with Morphbank team, targeting timing in January with iDigBio Portal work.
  • James
    • AIG Meeting at TDWG went well. "It was very helpful to have the two annotation talks right before the session. People seemed enthusiastic about OA and the progress being made. There were some technical questions but I think Lutz and David did a good job at answering them. There was no representation from ALA so did not get there feedback. David took notes on the session and I will digitize these soon. The session went for about an hour and a half. All were in agreement that annotations are very relevant and do need to be standardized to promote communication between implementations. All felt that it was time for an applicability task group but with the reduced number of actual AIG members it was too difficult to actually form it..."