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1. duplicates that are of an endangered species: if someone is transcribing data from such a record, they might not know at the time that the species is protected.

whether to have all symbiotia annotations go into FP? -- annotations for personal records? place holder for incomplete but saved records : email drafts.

a question about determination history, and what records are held. comparison to physical annotations. these questions tend to be about features "is current" and "is filed under" and label printing. however, IMPORTANT: necessary to be able to say you haven't examined the specimen, this is just a name update. Dorothy notes that the question of whether to use a controlled vocabulary to describe what constitutes an "annotation." vs. "determination" "reidentification," confirm/change determination, notice that the name is old. at least three cases. an Apple Core issue.

1) new determination

2) name change with examination

3) name change without examination ("nomenclatural update" only),

4) confirmation by specialist/ verifications

5) redetermination

only in monographs or in flora would you want the entire history of the taxonomic name. not here. overkill. also, not everyone wants all the determinations displayed

a question about whether symbiotic has carry forward to prevent having to retype the same data for large batches of specimens

feature request for printing annotation label (Paul: how about that feature in the annotation processor)

(question about whether to port data from home-grown app to Specify or to Symbiota; whether FP could be used for that)

after the break:

registering interest in herbaria: any way to generate reports on who annotated your specimens?

when Paul asked "how do you go about to list annotations?" a response was "do you do a search?" "search on name and acronym?"

having interest registration under "Settings" is not intuitive

GR bio is going to have institution codes…? discussion concerning the problem that not all institutions have codes, not all will register, free text will be needed. authority files are good.

people want to be able to register interests in duplicates.

feature request: send request for a loan to the herbarium owning the specimen you've gotten a notification about. however, curators are not thrilled about getting one-off loan requests from people they don't even know, so perhaps an intermediate step that collects them into a batch: herbarium world works on the assumption that often there's one person who requests on behalf of others (such as grad students). note that you wouldn't want those loan request messages to clutter up annotation messages

question: could anybody register, or do they have to be a member of an institution before they can register (for the AnnotationProcessor)

for the notification list, what do you want to see in the digest? "how about collector and number" rather than catalog number

be able to sort by category (column label) in summary. James wants that config in the display and not a screen away.

show species name, not timestamp part of date.

if you configure a filter, the concern is that you'd forget it was turned on. (make sure the filter is made visible)

Patrick: do facets for the filtering.

(Maureen: annotation response form a good candidate for carry forward)

question: are annotators notified of responses on annotations?

question: can we have pick lists compiled from usage patterns?

question: does GBIF have lists of names for fungi, algae, etc., and can you get their list of names?

(Maureen: driver api needs to be able to return problem fields & option lists & whether free text is allowed (?))

question: is this intended only for nomenclatural changes? how about locality changes, locality placed by transcriber in wrong state.

question: oh, so FP is not designed to get data from one system into another? e.g. from Specify to Symbiota

(a comment to Maureen: FP doesn't push. It pulls.)

question: is there a way to use FP AnnotProc in a preventive process: data not pushed into your own database until after you've cleaned it? (Maureen: feature is perhaps local data source = spreadsheet) Google Refine

question: kepler only for vascular plants?