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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2013Jan02


  • Wiki move to wiki farm: Status

Bob: Should be on for this week. Regard the wiki as things might get lost for the next few days. Will do a trial move, and then send out an announcement and do the actual move. Read your mail regularly if you mean to edit the wiki this week.

  • Sourceforge upgrade to Alura: Scheduling

Will do this afternoon.

  • Annotations
    • Progress on: Rewriting examples/rules from AO/AOD to OA

Bob: Rulesets follow an xml configuration, have written an xml schema for this configuration - allowing separation of errors in configuration from errors in parsing a particular document, have some related artifacts to get checked in.

Steps for extending configuration: Add a new rule, add to configuration file, validate configuration file against schema, add unit test cases for failure of the rule, run tests.

  • Increasing Burn Rate: Prioritize items on google doc.

TODO: Bertram and James need to comment on level of effort and months in document.

Paul to add stakes in the ground for these and bug James and Bertram.

Tianhong: Working on wrapping kepler into EJB. Kepler is very heavy weight, working on making a build that extracts a minimal set of classes for a working bean.

  • Drivers (API documentation, MCZbase).

Maureen: nothing new.

  • Progress on pubsubhubub implementation test.
    • See diagram: Oai ecosystem.pdf

Maureen: Working on doing the deployment on FP1 infrastructure, have running on local workstation. Have added support to adding triples on ingest into Fedora. On adding documents, add plain text metadata and triples, can cross reference previous documents.

Reviewed diagram.


  • Annotations
    • Annotation MS

Editing in progress.

    • Task Group for Applicability Statement on OA
  • Collaborations
    • Specify/Symbiota

Potential meeting late feb/early mar, Paul and Maureen to get back to james on dates.

    • SCAN TCN

Nico has started creating images for us to use in testing, good timing with fedora/pubsubhuhbub etc testing.

    • NEVP TCN

Nothing new from Patrick.

    • Names

Jim: We've got a summary document to review. Needs revised document with comments from Bob.


  • Paul
    • Working on MS revisions.
    • Got response from Sourceforge, Allura upgrade is independent of (future) hosted apps migration.
    • Commented on administrative use case scenarios.


Present: Bob, David, Paul, Maureen, Jim, Tianhong.

Notes inline above. Etherpad not accessible.