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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2013Jul24

Reminder: Change of meeting time effective Sept 4: (12-1 Eastern 9-10 Pacific).


  • CNH Workshop
    • Report from workshop
    • Plan for memorializing issues
  • Kepler
    • Taxon name cleaning - Homonyms
  • Configuration (Agenda item for Friday?)
  • NEVP TCN Support
    • Status update (production deployment target date 2013 Aug 15).
    • Funding URI - needs resolution
  • SCAN TCN Support (Production node deployment target date 2013 July 31).
    • Status update on deployments.
  • MCZbase Driver


  • Collaborations
    • Specify/Symbiota
    • Names
  • Third Project Programmer, Burndown.

For Future meetings


  • Paul
    • At CNH Workshop with David, Maureen, James, and Bob.
    • Working on debugging NEVP new occurrence annotations ingest into Symbiota.
    • First NEVP primary digitization apparatus delivered and set up at Harvard for testing, expected to go into production use in late August. Integration testing and tuning over next couple of weeks.