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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2014Dec09



  • Publications
    • Progress
      • Paul/James: Collection Objects
      • Bob: Refactoring Dup finding cluster analysis
      • Other papers?


  • David: Report from Hackathon
  • QC for SCAN
    • QC report to Tim?
    • Feedback from Neil/Paul Heinrich
    • Feedback from Nico
  • QC work
    • Adding agent authority file to Symbiota - harvest to solr index - use in actor.
    • JSON to XLS into Kurator
  • David: State of Deployments
    • FP2.acis
    • FP3.acis


  • Paul
    • Firuta under heavy load recently from iDigBio and other consumers of HUH images. Added rate throtling for the resource consuming delivery of images, appears to be letting rest of firuta (including archiva) respond freely.
    • Got the Symbiota agents branch far enough for the other developers to comment on it. Committed working schema patch and code with changes from trunk since the branch merged into the branch, and sent out email describing the work, it's rationalle, and how it impinges on other functions in Symbiota to the other developers. Awaiting comments.