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Etherpad for meeting notes: http://firuta.huh.harvard.edu:9000/FP-2014Jul02


  • Brief Catch up on where we are, several people traveling this week as well.


  • Paul
    • Presented FP-DataEntry (in DemoCamp) and on FilteredPush in NEVP at SPNHC


FilteredPush Team Meeting 2014 July 2

Present: Paul, David, James, Tianhong, Bertram


  • SPNHC:

James: Paul gave demonstration in demo camp and presentation, both seemed well recieved. Did mention Kurator under the table to a few folks. A small group of the Dina folks were there, FilteredPush intended to be embedded in this system there.

Tianhong: this one? http://www.dina-project.net/cgi-bin/view/Main/WebHome

Paul: That's the parent of it. Dina -> Specify-Dina -> Dina-Specify -> Dina.

James: This is the "new" one: http://biowikifarm.net/v-dina/wiki/Main_Page Dina project possible platform / leveraging with Kurator

  • DataOne:

Bertram: At DataOne meeting last week. Mentioned that GBIF has some data qualtiy java code,

Paul, Tianhong: We are using some of this code now (for name parsing)

James: Also the code that David shorthouse wrote for canadensis

Tianhong: Using some of that as well.

James: Noted at SPNCH was http://resolver.globalnames.biodinfo.org/ - not sure if Tianhong has seen this yet.

Tianhong: I do use the API http://resolver.globalnames.biodinfo.org/api to check the misspelling of names in SciNameValidator This is not for spelling like the GNI it is for name resolution. Uses several services similar to what we do.

Bertram: at DataOne meeting was Margaret O'Brien (LTER, UCSB): About the LTER data package "quality engine". Here is the documentation for that: https://nis.lternet.edu:8443/display/pasta/Data+Package+Quality+Engine We presented a poster at last fall's AGU meeting: http://abstractsearch.agu.org/meetings/2013/FM/sections/IN/sessions/IN53C/abstracts/IN53C-1576.html Also: Mark Servilla: http://lno.lternet.edu/staff/mservilla From UCSB mentioned as having a project on data quality around EML.

  • Fall Kurator Meeting:

James: Hypothesising a Kurator kickoff meeting in November

Bertram: Better flights seem to be through Bloomington, IL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Illinois_Regional_Airport) or Chicago then shuttle down. (see also: http://www.illinishuttle.com/ )

  • Progress on Akka/Kuration actors:

Tianhong: Back from 3 weeks away. Gave a lighning talk at a meeting and poster on approach to workflows. Working on Akka workflows for scientific name validator - using more services that the actor can choose from, working well. Doing more cleaning on the codebase itself.

Tianhong: What is progress on solr index for scientist names?

David: Is a solr index service on FP2, need to import the data set, may not be up right now, will email details on how to connect later today.

  • NAU QC

David: Can reuse the code that produces the spreadsheet in the annotation processor to give him a spreadsheet, packaged as a jar to do the conversion for us on the command line out of the results in mongo.

Tianhong: We also changed the schema for the output - can we check this with one concrete example.

David: I can send an example document, also if you have the latest output I can look at that.

Tianhong: There are recent NAU results in mongo on FP2, perhaps not the latest one.

Paul: Progress on integrating summary statistics queries into Symbiota yet?

David: Not yet, working out the queries. The two things we need to figure out how to integrate are the analysis results and the results for statistics into Symbota. We had discussions with Ed, but didn't settle on where to put them. Can build the pages first then we can see where they can go.

Tech call tomorrow, 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern. - continuing coordination with David and Tianhong on analysis of NAU data.