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See also: Discussion of Repository Organization


In meeting 2011Feb01, settled on SourceForge:



None of the issue tracking options have strong integration with svn. MantisBT appears the only one able to add properties to issues for tracking time expended.


See Also:

See Also: Code_Management

The choices seem to be

Source Forge Google Project Hosting github JavaForge
Version control SVN, git, Mercurial, Bazzar, CVS SVN, git, Mercurial git SVN, git, Mercurial
Issue Tracker Integration w/ version control Yes (Trac or Just Tracker? Can't tell from docs.) Yes Yes [1] Yes [2]
Issue Tracker Trac, MantisBT, Tracker [3] Proprietary 280north [4] Yes, CodeBeamer [5]
Available worldwide Yes (restrictions on Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria). No Yes Yes
Platform Open Source Yes [6] No Yes [7] Yes [8]
Project Management Yes (dotProject) No No Some features (e.g. workflows).
Code Review Yes (CodeStriker) Yes [9] Yes [10] No
Authentication SourceForge Account, OpenID Provider. Google Account. GitHub Account. JavaForge Account.
Integrated Builds No No No Yes
Mailing Lists Yes No No Yes