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DataAnnotationHome Start here when looking for the landscape.
CurrentExampleList List of RDF examples of data Annotations
RDF_Coding_and_Documentation Proposed Filtered Push Coding Practices for RDF, especially Annotations.

There are more in the svn repository. They are artificially there as owl ontologies, to no end except that they were constructed with Protege. We are in the process of converting them totally to pure RDF instances of the AOD extension of AO.

A number of examples from our svn repository are in a historically accidental form of OWL ontologies when they should be instances. We are in the process of editing those and more will appear in this list as that progresses.

aod_example_2.rdf asserts that a certain Flickr image depicts the species Dictyophora indusiata.

aod_example_3.rdf asserts a taxonomic identification on a specimen.

aod_example_4.rdf further taxonomic identifications.

aod_example_7.rdf examples including evidence for new taxonomic determinations with expectation that the underlying data will be updated.

aod_example_insert_determination.rdf expect the insertion of a taxonomic determination for a previously unidentified specimen.

Requirements5Annotation.rdf An annotation of another annotation given by a URI. See also Requirement5Soln