Duplicate sets as a KOS object

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Stream of consciousness about KOS aspects of duplicate sets and their members

  • Each one is separately curated physically.
    • Some may have little or no associated metadata, perhaps no more than an something amounting to a DwC triplet.
  • They form a set always.
    • One object in the set has a distinguished role as the "original". Does this have meaning for nomenclatural type specimens?
    • Does the set have any other organization besides the distinguished "original."?
    • What is the nature of the set when its members are not all known?
    • Are their circumstances in which the original individual organism can be revisited and further samples taken? What is their relation to the duplicate set?
  • What is a consensus? Is it like a "real" record?
  • Does a duplicate set describe an intensional or an extensional representation of the (what??) ? Both? Neither?
  • If we have a consensus record, and we assume that it covers all the extant records, what would make us abandon that concensus for another?
  • Are there anatomy ontologies suitable for relating different members to one another?
    • If yes, are there any requirements for their use that hold for duplicate sets that do not hold for other kinds of aggregates? That is, are their predicates P for which we might axiomitize "If A and B are in Duplicate Set S, then A P X implies B P X"?