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Below is a draft of (part of) Example 4 coded to the DarwinCore instead of the TDWG LSID ontologies. The diagram below represents an AnnotationSet of which one aod:item is not displayed. (In fact, at this writing, the second item is not proofread, so take care when reading the original file.

The original file is at http://etaxonomy.org/ontologies/ao/aod_example_4DwC.owl. There remain some namespace issues to resolve. Two new predicates are proposed (and should be proposed to AppleCore.) They are applcore:taxon and applcore:identifiedTo. The former associates a dwc:Taxon to a dwc:Identification. The latter, not used here, would be used to associate, in this example, the subject the dwc:Occurrence PPI_no_52 with the dwc:Identification that is the Topic. For the FP mapper, I suppose this predicate will not actually find any use in this example. However, such use might happen if the subject were actually a dwc:Occurence that already had a determination.

--Bob Morris 23:41, 10 September 2011 (EDT) Aod example 4DwC.jpg

--Note error in this diagram (fixed in SVN of owl file): dwc:scientificName is offered as an attribute of dwc:Identification, but in fact dwc requires it to be an attribute of a Taxon. There is a second problem with this proposal. It is that the Identification that is the Topic has its applecore:taxon a new placeholder Taxon that has no connection to the subject of the identification other than an evocative name. In an slightly related approach in the diagram below, I introduce a placeholder Occurrence, PPI_no_52_Insertion as the Topic. and declare it to be the source of applcore:identifiedTo with an Identification otherwise the same as in the first proposal. It is also asserted owl:sameAs the Occurrence that is the subject of the annotation. I have misgivings about that, but I don't think doing so or not affects mapping. See the second diagram below for the detail of the Topic, which is largely the same as in the above. More narrative tomorrow. --Bob Morris 00:23, 12 September 2011 (EDT)

aod_example_4DwCv2.owl is the file, presently only in SVN

Aod example 4DwCv2.jpg

Detail of Topic for v2

Example 4DwC Topic1.jpg