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See the developer documentation on sourceforge.

Project Level Documentation

  • FP-API-Library (javadoc only) - Contains the filtered push apis and interfaces that are common to all network components.
  • FP-ClientHelper - Contains the RDFHandler library and xml configuration specific to each case of an instance document (identification, response, grouping and georeference annotations)
  • FP-AnnotationWS (javadoc only) - Contains a RESTful webservice that exposes the RDFHandler. For use by clients (Symbiota and Morphbank) when generating rdf/xml annotation documents.
  • FP-EAR (Deployment only, no docs) - Produces an ear that contains the network node and messaging system components.
  • FP-Node - Contains triage, jobplanner, jobrunner and implementations of abstract job. Also exposes the access point as a webservice. For now this also contains the components that will eventually become a part of the FP-Knowledge package (code that deals with queries and inserts into a triple store).
  • FP-Messaging-KVP - Contains the MySQL and JMS implementations of the messaging system.
  • FP-SpecifyDriver - Code for authenticating Specify users via OAuth, translating DwC key-value-pairs to and from Specify Hibernate entities, performing lookups of persisted objects by identifier and class, very simple searching for objects by properties, and basic inserts & updates
  • FP-AnnotationProcessor - Code for curators to review and respond to the annotations, and incorporate the proposed change in the annotations into the local data source when needed.
  • FP-Design - Tree in sourceforge containing BOUML models, ontologies, RDF examples, and other artifacts for both prototype and production design.

Developing Specify

Specify Development Howto

Component Diagram