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Abbreviated diagram of an oa:Annotation expressing a taxonomic identification Untitled (2).png

N3 form of RDF code for above
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix oa: <> .
@prefix oad: <> .
@prefix cnt: <> .
@prefix huh: <> .
@prefix dwcFP: <> .
@prefix : <> .

:doc a rdfs:Literal ;
   rdfs:comment "$Id: identification.rdf 1623 2012-10-18 22:07:45Z ramorrismorris $" .

:theAnno a oa:Annotation ;
    rdfs:comment "Example of an oa:Annotation that asserts a new taxonomic identification on a specimen with URI huh:A-barcode-00107800. The annotator expects that a consumer with adequate authority will accept the assertion that this is the appropriate taxonomic identity, and update their records.";
    oa:hasTarget huh:A-barcode-00107800;
    oa:hasBody :theIdentification ;
    oad:hasExpectation :theExpectation;
    oad:hasEvidence :theEvidence .

:theIdentification a dwcFP:Identification;
    dwcFP:scientificName "Ateleia gummifera";
    dwcFP:scientificNameAuthor "D. Dietrich";
    dwcFP:identifiedBy "C.H. Stirton";
    dwcFP:dateIdentified "1990". 

:theExpectation a oad:ExpectationUpdate .
:theEvidence a oad:Evidence; 
    rdf:type cnt:ContentAsText;
    cnt:chars "Written on the sheet along with the annotation Text\"Flora Neotropica\" ". 

huh:A-barcode-00107800  a huh:Record .