Installing Symbiota

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These instructions have been tested on Ubuntu.

Symbiota provides some excellent documentation for the download/configure/install process:

System requirements: Establishing a Node.

Download and install instructions: Installation Steps.


Prerequisite: Subversion command-line client

Obtain Symbiota's source code from SourceForge by doing an svn export of the trunk.

> svn export symbiota
> cd symbiota

To avoid some xml error messages in Eclipse, obtain and apply symbiota-fp.patch:

> cp /path/to/symbiota-fp.patch .
> patch -p0 < symbiota-fp.patch



This process is thoroughly documented on Symbiota's web page (see above link) and in a README.txt file that is included when you check out the project from the repository.

However, there is one thing missing. Among the template files that you must copy, css/jquery-ui_template.css is not mentioned. Be sure to copy that to css/jquery-ui.css.