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Here are some sample user stories (aka scenarios) for taxonomic literature data citation. The focus should have relevance to ecology if possible.

When you make stories, assume you have arbitrarily capable software, and just say how you would use it.

An example of a much more detailed example of a user story is here , albeit for collection management, not literature citation. Aiming for that level of detail is helpful. Be inventive about the software, but not about the science. Say what the software should do, but not necessarily how.

  • Taxonomist Donat receives email informing him of the Review of the genus Namadytes Hesse, 1969. He wants to contribute images from his own fieldwork, so he asks for a list of Morphpank images cited by the paper. Because he thinks he has more informative images, he adds them to the Morphbank collection and subsequently expects notification that three of his images have been accepted but a fourth has not.
  • Susan is a South African pest manager. She wants to know what Diptera are found in March in areas where she consults. In December she logs on to her notification application and registers an interest in Diptera found in South Africa in March. She receives notice immediately that Namadytes sp. are among them, but in addition, when Review of the genus Namadytes Hesse, 1969 is published she also receives notice of that. The paper asserts that the genus is not known in any of the southern African biodiversity hotspots, so in her browser she launches the South African Diptera Collection Scheduler (SAD-CS) which notifies collectors worldwide that she would like to add Namadytes to any scheduled collection efforts in the Spring in the hotspots. Six responses offer their collaboration and three collections volunteer to house the collected Namadytes if the collaborators cannot.