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In the Open Annotation Ontology (OA), to model a Motivation other than the avowed ones we have to follow OA's plan of Extending Motivations and introduce a new skos:Concept in a skos:ConceptScheme perhaps of of our own. A (not very deep) question I am pondering is: what should be the scope of such an introduced skos:Concept. For example, in a FilteredPush application following the rules for our ApplePie network configuration, when asserting a new determination as the body of an annotation about a DwC occurrence record, we often have a reusable Motivation, expressed by text like "Match paper annotation found on a herbarium sheet". In the connection of our Insert Determination use case, Paul offers a quite general Motivation named oad:transcribing to be added to our draft data-centric extensions OAD to Open Annotation Ontology (OA).

In OAD we have introduced

oad:transcribing a oa:Motivation;
    rdfs:comment "Competency Question: Which annotations represent the 
        (human or machine mediated) transcription of data from a 
         non-machine readable source (such as text in an image), 
          to a machine interpretable form (such as a text string, or a 
          set of data property values)."@en;
    skos:inScheme oa:motivationScheme;
    skos:prefLabel "Transcribing"@en.

and in an annotation such as this we might use:

:ex a oa:Annotation;
    oad:motivatedBy oad:transcribing;

Note in particular that OA declares oa:Motivation to be a sub-class of skos:Concept, so skos-aware applications can do skos reasoning such as substituting labels from broader terms if appropriate. To this end I propose another Motivation in OAD:

oad:conforming a oa:Motivation;
    rdfs:comment "Competency Question: Which annotations represent 
         the (human or machine mediated) addition or editing of
         data in conformance to some policy or rule."@en;
    skos:inScheme oa:motivationScheme"@en;
    skos:prefLabel "Conforming"@en.

We use this in another oa:Annotation here in which the details of the conformance are given in the annotation by an internal specialization of oad:conforming:

:Annotation_0 	a oa:Annotation;
  oad:motivatedBy :Motivation_0;
:Motivation_0 a oa:Motivation;
  skos:inScheme oa:MotivationScheme;
  skos:broader oad:conforming;
  skos:prefLabel "Local policy prohibits accepting annotations 
       that do not appear on the sheet into the database."@en .
:Evidence_0 a oad:Evidence;
  rdf:type cnt:ContentAsText;
  cnt:chars "Examining the sheet, the characters visible do appear to fit those of Ateleia gummifera D. Dietrich."@en .

In the above we also exhibit the modeling of oad:Evidence because in science Evidence may be thought of as closely tied to Motivation. In earlier modeling we even considered Evidence as a kind of Motivation, and may still consider modeling Evidence with SKOS and adding another SKOS ConceptScheme to reflect that.

--Bob Morris (talk) 23:53, 4 March 2013 (CET)