Namespace Convention in AO

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Abbreviation URI Description
dc DublinCore
pav Provenance and Version Ontology, included in AO.
foaf Friend of a Friend ontology, useful for people and other agents.
ao Paulo's AO Annotation Ontology
aod Proposed Data Extensions to AO
dwc TDWG DarwinCore terms vocabulary (currently without TDWG blessed OWL representation)
marl Describes opinions.
bom Describes issues and resolution of issues.
dwcFPModel It's used to define owl representation of AppleCore.
applepie Since we're not quite clear about the boundary between the domain specific rules and the rules related to annotation, for now we can simply put all the rules under the "applepie" namespace instead of "applecore" which seems more proper for the domain-specific rules.
HUHRecords Placeholder namespace for http URI's for Harvard University Herbaria specimen records. Expect this may change

--Paul J. Morris 00:58, 10 February 2012 (EST)