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Use Case: Order Coffee

Not intended for implementation in the prototype, but also not entirely in fun, as it illustrates the flexibility of a FP network for querying, messaging, and analysis.

Business Process

Goal: Find a local coffee shop, order a coffee, go pick it up.

Summary: A taxonomist uses the FP network to find a local coffee shop, then uses it to order a coffee, which is hot and fresh on the taxonomist's arrival to pick it up.


No Diagram.



FP Network.

Coffee shop.


Taxonomist is bleary eyed.


Taxonomist wants caffeine.

Course of Events

Taxonomist queries FP network for location of local coffee shops.

FP network returns locations of local coffee shops, along with their menus.

Taxonomist generates an order coffee message, for a particular coffee shop, including (security is in a lower wrapper layer) payment details, and pickup time.

A person in the coffee shop is alerted by network to the order, confirms the payment details, schedules making the coffee, and generates a message back to the taxonomist that their order will be waiting.

Shortly before the coffee is ready (with timing determined by knowledge of the taxonomist's location, the coffee shop location, and travel time), the network generates a reminder message to the taxonomist to go pick up their coffee.

The taxonomist goes to the coffee shop, picks up and consumes their fresh, hot coffee.

The taxonomist gets back to work at doing taxonomy.

Alternative Paths

Taxonomist orders a pizza, and wants it delivered to a class that will be meeting outside. Actors are the taxonomist, a pizza shop, and a delivery person. The taxonomist locates and orders as above, but the pizza shop uses the network to locate and engage a delivery person, who uses the network to locate the taxonomist's position when it is time for delivery. Additional messages of the status of the order would be sent to relevant subscribers (taxonomist that the pizza is on the way, pizza shop that the pizza has been delivered, etc.)


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed taxonomist.

Richer coffee shop.

Business Rules



Security not dealt with here.