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For Kurator Development see:

Code Conventions

Production Coding Standards


See also List of meetings categorized by year

2015Jul14 Tuesday

2015May05 Tuesday

2015Apr21 Tuesday

2015Apr07 Tuesday

2015Mar24 Tuesday

2015Mar03 Tuesday

2015Feb24 Tuesday

2015Feb17 Tuesday

2015Feb03 Tuesday

2015Jan20 Tuesday

2015Jan13 Tuesday

2014Dec16 Tuesday

2014Dec09 Tuesday

2014Dec02 Tuesday

2014Nov25 Tuesday

2014Nov04 Tuesday

2014Oct21 Tuesday

2014Oct14 Tuesday

2014Oct07 Tuesday

2014Sep30 Tuesday

2014Sep24 Wednesday

2014Sep17 Wednesday

2014Sep10 Wednesday

2014Sep09 Kurator, Tuesday

2014Sep03 Wednesday

2014Aug20 Wednesday

2014Aug13 Wednesday

2014Aug06 Wednesday

2014Jul30 Wednesday

2014Jul23 Wednesday

2014Jul16 Wednesday

2014Jul09 Wednesday

2014Jul02 Wednesday

2014Jun18 Wednesday

2014Jun11 Wednesday

2014Jun04 Wednesday

2014May28 Wednesday

2014May21 Wednesday

2014May14 Wednesday

2014May07 Wednesday

2014Apr30 Wednesday

2014Apr23 Wednesday

2014Apr16 Wednesday

2014Apr09 Wednesday

2014Apr02 Wednesday

2014Mar26 Wednesday

2014Mar19 Wednesday

2014Mar12 Wednesday

2014Mar07 Friday

2014Mar05 Wednesday

2014Feb26 Wednesday

2014Feb19 Wednesday

2014Feb12 Wednesday

2014Feb05 Wednesday

2014Jan29 Wednesday

2014Jan22 Wednesday

2014Jan15 Wednesday

2014Jan08 Wednesday

2013Dec18 Wednesday

2013Dec11 Wednesday

2013Dec04 Wednesday

2013Nov27 Wednesday

2013Nov20 Wednesday

2013Nov13 Wednesday

2013Nov06 Wednesday

2013Oct23 Wednesday

2013Oct16 Wednesday

2013Oct09 Wednesday

2013Oct02 Wednesday

2013Sep25 Wednesday

2013Sep18 Wednesday

2013Sep11 Wednesday

2013Sep04 Wednesday

2013Aug28 Wednesday

2013Aug21 Wednesday

2013Aug14 Wednesday

2013Aug07 Wednesday

2013Jul31 Wednesday

2013Jul24 Wednesday

2013Jul17 Wednesday (Preparations for CNH/NEVP workshop)

2013Jul10 Wednesday

2013Jul03 Wednesday (With Patrick Sweeney from NEVP TCN and Nico Franz from SCAN TCN)

2013Jun26 Wednesday (With Patrick Sweeney from NEVP TCN and Nico Franz from SCAN TCN)

2013Jun19 Wednesday (With Patrick Sweeney from NEVP TCN)

2013Jun12 Wednesday

2013Jun05 Wednesday

2013May29 Wednesday

2013May22 Wednesday

2013May15 Wednesday

2013May08 Wednesday

2013May01 Wednesday

2013Apr24 Wednesday

2013Apr17 Wednesday

2013Apr10 Wednesday

2013Apr03 Wednesday

2013Mar27 Wednesday

2013Mar20 Wednesday

2013Mar15 Friday

2013Mar13 Wednesday

2013Feb27 Wednesday

2013Feb20 Wednesday (with iDigBio folks (see email from Alex Wed, 06 Feb 2013 16:02:23 -0500 (EST) for added list of invitees)).

2013Feb13 Wednesday

2013Feb08 Friday

2013Feb06 Wednesday

2013Jan30 Wednesday

2013Jan23 Wednesday

2013Jan16 Wednesday

2013Jan11 Friday

2013Jan09 Wednesday

2013Jan02 Wednesday

2012Dec19 Wednesday

2012Dec12 Wednesday

2012Dec05 Wednesday

2012Nov28 Wednesday

2012Nov21 Wednesday

2012Nov14 Wednesday

2012Nov07 Wednesday

2012Oct31 Wednesday

2012Oct24 Wednesday

2012Oct17 Wednesday

2012Oct10 Wednesday

2012Oct03 Wednesday

2012Sep19 Wednesday

2012Sep12 Wednesday

2012Sep05 Wednesday

2012Aug29 Wednesday

2012Aug22 Wednesday

2012Aug08 Wednesday

2012Aug01 Wednesday

2012Jul25 Wednesday

2012Jul18 Wednesday

2012Jul11 Wednesday

2012Jun27 Wednesday

2012Jun20 Wednesday

2012Jun06 Wednesday

2012May30 Wednesday

2012May23 Wednesday

2012May16 Wednesday

2012May02 Wednesday

2012Apr25 Wednesday

2012Apr18 Wednesday

2012Apr11 Wednesday

2012Apr04 Wednesday

2012Mar21 Wednesday

2012Mar14 Wednesday

2012Mar07 Wednesday

2012Feb29 Wednesday

2012Feb22 Wednesday

2012Feb15 Wednesday

2012Feb08 Wednesday

2012Feb01 Wednesday

2012Jan25 Wednesday

2012Jan18 Wednesday

2012Jan11 Wednesday

2012Jan03 Tuesday

2011Dec20 Tuesday

2011Dec13 Tuesday

2011Dec09 Friday

2011Dec06 Tuesday

2011Nov29 Tuesday

2011Nov22 Tuesday

2011Nov15 Tuesday

2011Nov08 Tuesday

2011Nov01 Tuesday

2011Oct25 Tuesday

2011Oct11 Tuesday

2011Oct04 Tuesday

2011Sep27 Tuesday

2011Sep20 Tuesday

2011Sep13 Tuesday

2011Sep06 Tuesday

2011Aug30 Tuesday

2011Aug23 Tuesday

2011Aug16 Tuesday

2011Aug09 Tuesday

2011Aug02 Tuesday

2011Jul26 Tuesday

2011Jul19 Tuesday

2011Jul12 Tuesday

2011Jul05 Tuesday

2011Jun28 Tuesday

2011Jun21 Tuesday

2011Jun14 Tuesday

2011Jun07 Tuesday

2011May31 Tuesday


2011May17 Tuesday

2011May10 Tuesday

2011May03 Tuesday

2011Apr26 Tuesday

2011Apr19 Tuesday

2011Apr12 Tuesday

2011Apr05 Tuesday

2011Mar29 Tuesday

2011Mar22 Tuesday

2011Mar15 Tuesday

2011Mar08 Tuesday

2011Mar01 Tuesday

2011Feb22 Tuesday

2011Feb15 Tuesday

2011Feb08 Tuesday

2011Feb01 Tuesday

2011Jan25 Tuesday

2011Jan18 Tuesday

2011Jan11 Tuesday

2011Jan04 Tuesday

2010Dec14 Tuesday

2010Dec07 Tuesday

2010Nov30 Tuesday

2010Nov16 Tuesday

2010Nov09 Tuesday

2010Nov02 Tuesday

2010Oct27 Wednesday All Hands Core Team Meeting

2010 All Hands Meeting Monday, Tuesday

2010Oct19 Tuesday

2010Oct12 Tuesday

2010Oct05 Tuesday

2010Oct02 Saturday with Apiary team

2010Sep21 Tuesday

2010Sep15 Wednesday

2010Sep8 Wednesday

2010Sep01 Wednesday

2010Aug25 Wednesday

2010Aug18 Wednesday

2010Aug11 Wednesday

2010Aug04 Wednesday

2010July28 Wednesday

2010July23 Friday

2010July21 Wednesday

2010July14 Wednesday

2010July07 Wednesday

2010June30 Wednesday

2010June23 Wednesday

2010June16 Wednesday

2010June09 Wednesday

2010May26 Wednesday

2010May19 Wednesday

2010May12 Wednesday

2010May05 Wednesday

2010Apr21 Wednesday

2010Apr07 Wednesday

2010Mar31 Wednesday, Message Schema

2010Mar24 Wednesday, back-end design

2010Mar17 Wednesday, back-end design

2010Mar12 Friday, web-client

2010Mar10 Wednesday, back-end design

2010Mar05 Friday, 10:00 am in 407, web-client

2010Mar03 Wednesday, 10:00 am in tea room, back-end design





















2009Jul16 (all at HUH until further notice)

2009Jul2 at HUH

2009Jun25 at HUH

2009Jun18 at HUH

2009Apr28 at HUH

2009Apr3 at HUH

2009Apr2 unplanned at HUH....

2009Mar26 at UMB

2009Mar19 at HUH, morning

2009Mar12 at UMB 2009Mar6 at HUH

(Specify release expected, Bob away).

2009Feb12 at UMB 9:30 AM Priorities and timeline on Trac.

2009Feb5 at HUH

2009Jan29 at UMB

2009Jan22 at HUH, 12 noon lunch

2009Jan15 at HUH

2009Jan6 at HUH

2008 Meetings --Paul J. Morris 09:55, 11 January 2012 (EST)