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Report:_FP_Requirements#9 Data curators must be able to decide which annotations, and which parts of which annotations to accept into their local data stores.


There will be a configuration file in the mapper which declares which annotations will be accepted automatically without human-filter while which annotations will be rejected automatically etc. Besides, the GUI of mapper will allow the administrator/collection manager/curator to decide which annotation to accept or reject.

The configuration could be implemented in two ways:

  • Text file (key-value pair) or xml file. E.g. To automatically accept all annotations from a particular curator, a key-value pair could be put in a property file as : messageFrom = particular_curator
  • Sparql: for the strategies closely related to the semantics and hard to be expressed in text or xml file, like 2-4, it's better to use sparql to find out whether the annotation falls satisfying specific conditions.