TDWG2010 Annotations IG Sessions

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2010 Sept 30, at [TDWG 2010]. The working sessions of the Annotations Interest Group.

Annotation of biodiversity data


1. Brief presentations by participants on their existing and planned uses of annotations. TDWG2010 Annotations Session 1: Existing Systems

2. Further development of use cases and scenarios. TDWG2010 Annotations Session 2: Use Cases and TDWG2010 Annotation Use Cases

3. Domain specific interactions, particularly the roles of existing TDWG standards. TDWG2010 Annotations Session 3: Domain

4. Transporting, Publishing, Interchanging, Querying annotations. TDWG2010 Annotations Session 4: Transport

5. Semantics and ontologies for annotations, A stake in the ground for an AnnotationOntology. TDWG2010 Annotations Session 5: Semantics

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